healthy white teeth

Every morning we brush our teeth. We do it to ensure the health of teeth and to stop progress of caries.

Tooth decay is the most popular disease of the teeth. Healthy body needs healthy teeth. The presence of dental pain and dental problems complicate our life. We have to go to the dentist, to waste a lot of time and to spend money from the family budget.

Do you want to make your teeth healthy and could spend time and money for wellness?

Prevention of caries plays an important role for our health. It is necessary to do preventive visits to the dentist one or two times per year provided that your teeth are fine. The dentist gives professional opinion about the dental health.

The proper nutrition is important part of diet. Teeth enamel is composed of many natural substances and get it from the food. The lack of mineral components in food helps to appear pits. Cavities in the teeth should be treated.

Often the cause of dental disease is bad composition of drinking water. The people should be informed about this. The lack of fluorine in water helps to development a tooth decay. High content of fluorine in the water is the cause of fluorosis.

The teeth should be cleaned with toothpaste which chosen by the specialists based on your condition of the oral cavity. Pastes have different composition and purpose. They are divided into preventive and curative paste.

Prophylactic pastes contain fluoride and calcium. They strengthen tooth enamel and prevent demineralization of dental tissues.

As a result, poor hygiene of the teeth create conditions for appearance plaque. With poor hygiene it takes calcium from saliva and turns into dental stone. They can be easily removed only by the dentist. This procedure will require a large amount of finance.

We must learn correct hygiene of the mouth from childhood.

Clean your teeth two times a day, correct motions for three minutes. The size of the toothbrush should be chosen correctly. Brush should not be too small. It will brush your teeth bad. The large size of the brush will create a lot of inconvenience in the process of dental care. In this case, the teeth will also remain poorly cleaned.

The world is full of information about the correct care of the mouth. You can watch the videos. It’s available online.

Your health is in your hands.