Cavemen ancestors food

Caveman foods diet
Caveman foods

Back in the days of our cavemen ancestors food wasn’t as readily available as it is to us now. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday was unimaginable by the first humans just as it is unimaginable for animals living in the wild right now. You basically had to find as much food as possible and stuff yourself when you do because you could expect long periods of food scarcity.
This type of diet is still a thing nowadays and it goes by the name of fasting. It is a recurring custom of several religions and also a diet choice of people seeking alternative diets.

However, many say that fasting is detrimental and even dangerous to our health. This misconception has now been debunked by science as many studies have been showing that limiting our nutrient intake to a small window during the day can actually have many health benefits.

  • Among the most important findings in studies of fasting is the discovery that only three days of fasting can dramatically help your immune system to rejuvenate. In fact, restricting food intake can push your stem cells to generate new white blood cells that will extend your body’s protective abilities.

Another beneficial aspect of fasting is found in cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. Researchers at the University of California have recently found in a new study that just 72 hours of fasting can make chemotherapy less toxic to cancer sufferers. As the lead researcher puts it, fasting is like a reset switch for the immune system. When activated it will start helping the body to create a whole new immune system to replace a used one.

Think about it like this: In a war your troops have been fighting all kinds of enemies for a long time and having regularly scheduled breaks to replenish their energy and their supplies. Fasting is like a mini holiday for them. They will fight longer but then for a short window they will be provided with even more supplies and energy than they usually do and that gives you a totally rejuvenated battalion that just might win you the war.

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