Helping Someone With Depression

Cartoon men in depression

You know that depression is a serious issue. Everyone who has experienced it (and many people have, at some point in their lives) knows that it’s awful. It’s incredibly taxing both mentally and physically and that’s why we have decided to put out this brief article. It has information for people who want to help someone going through depression and it also has information for people that suffer depression.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to support someone with depression:

1. Do not complain.

  • It’s a tempting option. You want to say that the person is too much, you want to go for some elaborate verbal takedown specifying how grating they get. Stay strong, don’t ever say something along the lines of “I cannot deal with you”.

2. Do not shame them.

  • While you are depressed, you are incredibly negative. Even if good things happen, your brain manages to put a negative spin on it. Compliments from people seem laughably fake, you have a really hard time experiencing positive emotions, at all. So you shouldn’t shame depressed people for being overly negative and grumpy.

3. Do help them with their medication.

  • It’s sometimes hard to keep a medication routine when you’re depressed. To put it in a nutshell: you take pills, depressing doesn’t go away instantly, you feel like it’s pointless. Help the person you love take their meds, make sure they don’t forget to take their antidepressants, their Prozac or Lexapro or whatever.

4. Depression =/= sadness.

  • It’s hard to grasp for some people, but you should know that being depressed doesn’t equal being sad.

5. Validation.

  • It can be incredibly frustrating, but you should make sure that this special someone feels validated. You have to realize that their brain won’t let them use logical thinking when it comes to their appearance, social status and things like that.

Now we are going to go over a few things that will definitely help people with depression.

  1. Getting a routine. Depression can take away the structure from your life. Try to keep it together, for everyone’s sake.
  2. Setting goals. While you’re depressed, it feels like you cannot do anything. Start with some small goals, make sure you achieve them.
  3. Working out. That endorphin boost will make you feel amazing, you just need to power through your workout.
  4. Getting enough sleep. The lack of sleep can make anyone feel groggy.
  5. Eating well. Overeating, undereating – all too common for depressed people. You will feel better if you eat healthy.
  6. Do something new. The last one, the hardest one and most underrated one. Push yourself to do something new, even if it’s lame or boring, it’s still something new. It’s going to be a good story, in the end.