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man and woman dancingCan you dance?

If you are a normal human being who didn’t have dance classes, you probably thought for a very long time that your dancing abilities were terrible and that you just can’t get dancing right. Well turns out that you’re not far off. Scientists have pinpointed the best way to dance and it’s not that standard. In fact only one of 39 recorded dances were “sexy” enough to be dubbed the sexiest way to dance by science.

In a recent UK study, scientists invited 39 women to show off their dance moves to the sound of a drumbeat while being tracked by a motion sensor. The recorded dances were converted in faceless avatars so that the analysis can only focus on the attractiveness of body movement. The next phase of the study involved asking a heterosexual group of 57 men and 143 women to rate the dances they were seeing based on their dancing skills.

  • And the results came out thus announcing the best ever dance move, not from the point of view of men or women, but from that of science. It turns out that the sexiest dance involves these movements: Smooth and continuous hip swinging, asymmetrical thigh movement and a somewhat symmetrical arm movement.
  • Despite dance being a very subjective exercise that depends on multiple factors such as culture, social class and personnality, the researchers believe that the results indicated by the study point to an ensemble of universally accepted aspects of attractiveness which the dance illustrates through honest cues about reproductive potential, health and personality.

This study is obviously just a beginning in the field of dance analysis, but it can lead to some very interesting potential. The team has already made a similar study analyzing the dance moves of men and found that the sexiest ones involved torso and neck movement. Such research can eventually help us understand what dance triggers inside the brain and better understand the concept of attractiveness.