Man’s Health Issues And How To Deal With Them


old men with green cauliflower in the handThere are many issues that are specific to men. There are many diseases that affect men differently. With no further ado, let’s talk about some of the health risks for men.

Lack of health education

  • Many men consider themselves to be invincible. There’s something to be said about the culture cultivating this kind of machismo, but that’s beside the point. Overworking and unhealthy lifestyle can cause a great many of serious health issues. Talking to your doctor, making sure you realize there’s a problem – all of that will definitely help you in the long run.

Heart-related issues.

  • This is a big one, because heart issues come in many different sizes and shapes. All of heart-related issues can be fatal if not addressed in a proper way. Your doctor can calculate the probability of heart-related issues based on your cholesterol levels, your blood pressure and smoking habits.

Respiratory diseases.

  • Mostly related to your smoking habits, once again. There are so many life-threating conditions that stem from smoking, you should seriously consider quitting.

Alcohol-related issues.

  • Men drink almost twice as much as women. They are more prone to aggressive behavior, which leads to injuries, hospitalizations, maybe even death. Liquor consumption increases your risk for several serious illnesses, including mouth cancer, liver cancer, and many other types of cancer.


  • Depression in men is very different. Every single year, there are approximately six billion men that suffer from depression. Here are a few ways you can deal with your depression: seek professional help, work out, keep a journal, talk to your family, take antidepressants (Prozac or Lexapro, for example).


  • Closely related to the previous one. If you think someone might hurt themselves, do not hesitate to call a hotline.

Unintentional injuries.

  • Men oftentimes are involved with heavy machinery, guns, cars, etc. You should stay alert at all time to prevent this.

Liver issues.

  • Closely related to your alcohol intake. Your smoking habits also contribute to the increased risk of liver issues.

Erectile dysfunction.

  • This is one of the worst diseases for men. There’s this aura of shame related to the issue. This stigma leads to people trying to fix this serious condition on their own, which might worsen the situation. The men who suffer from ED should talk to their doctor and consider some lifestyle changes, including losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet with a healthy exercise routine. Some men may also need additional medication (sildenafil being the most popular one).