Possible diseases caused by overweight


Risk factors and possible disease caused by overweight

schematic drawing of a fat person

Weight gain from the age of eighteen up to the age of fifty-five can cause a big risk of persistent issues and complications, the likes of type-two diabetes and untimely death, in accordance to the latest research from the USA.

Being overweight is a major cause for the concern all over the world, the adults in the USA alone are approximately gaining from one to two lbs. every single year once their reach eighteen Even the tiniest weight gains can accumulate over time and, ultimately, lead to morbid obesity. There were two researches analyzed, over 90.000 females and 25.000 males participated in the research. The weight gain for the females over the duration of 40 years was ~30 pounds, ~20 pounds for males over the approximately same period of time, on average.

The study came up with some shocking revelations, even 10 pounds gain could elevate the disease risks. To put it bluntly, according to this study’s data, putting on as little as 10 lbs. of excessive body mass starting from the age of eighteen up to fifty was correlated with thirty % higher risk of type-two diabetes, fourteen % and eight % bigger risk of CVD.

There’s also the elevated risk of cancer caused by being overweight, untimely death and ~seventeen percent lesser chance of staying healthy later in life. This is concerning news for people struggling with excessive weight, and people who have been steadily gaining weight. The numbers might not seem like much, but in the long run they can be of great importance. Although, there’s one limitation of this study – weight at the age of 18 was recalled at a later stage, therefore it won’t be 100% accurate.