silagra 100mg two packs and 2 pills
Silagra 100mg

Silagra (sildenafil citrate) is a generic version of the more well-known drug, Viagra. Its main use is curing ED in males. It works by improving the blood circulation in the penile area, therefore allowing strong and powerful erections as a natural response to the sexual stimulus.

History and Background Information

It’s always important to know what kind of company is manufacturing the drug you’re thinking of using. Some manufacturers are shady, but that’s not the case with Silagra. It’s produced by an Indian pharmaceutical company called Cipla Limited. It has been founded in 1935, its name comes from the acronym for The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories. It has won a number of prestigious awards. For example, Forbes included this company the “Best Under a Billion” list (smaller/foreign companies with big potential). This company’s products are now sold in over 180 different countries, including the US and Europe.

At its very core, Silagra is an improved version of the original Viagra. Cipla made sure they conduct enough research to come up with a better formula. The result was this drug, now renowned for its safeness and effectiveness. Over the years, this version of a well-known drug has started to become more and more popular. Google search metrics suggests that in a few years, this drug is going to become the number one ED cure in the world. If you don’t take history into account, there are many reasons to consider switching to this drug, namely its ability to cure erectile dysfunction once and for all, instead of being a temporary solution.

How Does It Work?

This drug contains a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor that helps improve the blood supply to the penis, which is required to cause an erection. During any kind of sexual activity, a gas naturally produced in the body, nitric oxide gets released, it then activities an enzyme called guanylyl cyclase. It boosts the levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, which, in turn, eases the vessels in the penial area and that leads to an erection. Yet another enzyme, called phosphodiesterase type 5, decomposes cyclic guanosine monophosphate, disrupts the blood flow and leads to loss of an erection. This drug blocks the release of phosphodiesterase type 5 and helps to stabilize nitric oxide/cyclic guanosine monophosphate pathway to improve the overall quality of erections.

How Long Does It Last?

Silagra pills are taken in the span of 60 minutes prior to the panned intercourse usually work in approximately half an hour. Your improved sexual stamina/strong erections will last for about 4 hours. It’s important to note that this drug loses its effectiveness when you are not aroused, so you won’t encounter any unwanted erections.


This drug is very potent, so there have to be some precautions. You will need to undergo a medical examination before you know whether or not you can take this drug safely. You should tell your physician if you:

  1. Ever suffered cerebral apoplexy.
  2. Suffer from hypertension or hypotension.
  3. Ever encountered any cardiovascular issues, including cardiac insufficiency, cardiac dysrhythmia, acute myocardial infarction and several others.
  4. Ever encountered vision-related issues, including blurry vision.
  5. Have retinitis pigmentosa.
  6. Ever had kidney issues.
  7. Ever had liver issues.
  8. Ever had blood diseases, including sickle cell disease.
  9. Suffer from Peyronie’s disease.
  10. Have gastric ulcers.
  11. Have bleeding conditions.
  12. Are taking different pills at the moment.


As always, you must talk to the physician first. The dose that works best for you will depend on your overall health, weight and some other factors. You should carefully read all the information provided by the manufacturer as well. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact a specialist.

When talking about the suggested starting dose of this medicine, it’s important to point out that it is still individual, but your best bet is to start with 50 mg.

This medication is taken approximately 60 minutes before the scheduled sexual activity. Based on tolerance and effectiveness, your MD may alter the dosage – it might be upped to 100 mg. or lowered to 25 mg. The max dose is 100 mg.

You must never take this drug more than one time per day. You must take the tablets with food. Sometimes, due to your body’s specific aspects, the beginning of medical effect might get delayed. In other words, this drug may not work as fast as intended.

Silagra Side-Effects

It’s important to note that ever since day one, this drug was positioned as an improved over Viagra’s formula, i.e. the superior way of treating ED. That’s why its list of adverse effects is shorter when compared to its more renowned alternative.
In general, this drug has mild side effects including:

  • Cephalalgia;
  • Flushing;
  • Light sensitivity;
  • Visual disturbances;
  • Digestive trouble;
  • Lightheadedness;
  • Loss of balance.

There are some rare cases in which people taking the drug experience the following:

  • Prolonged/painful erections;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diminished hearing;
  • Fainting;
  • Cramps.

The above-mentioned five symptoms are mostly related to the overdose. In case you encounter them, you need to get your stomach pumped as fast as possible. We will talk more about the overdose down below.


If taken incorrectly, this medicine could possibly lead to an overdose. The max dose should not be higher than 100 mg. in the span of 24 hours. If you decide to take more, you are guaranteed to experience painful erections and your cardiovascular system is going to experience heightened tension. This can possibly lead to an abnormal accumulation of the drug in your bloodstream. Overdose is usually signified by the following:

  • Fatigue.
  • Lack of energy.
  • Vertigo.

You must always keep in mind your recommended daily dosage and never take more than required. In case you encounter any adverse effects of this drug, you must contact your nearest medical care center.


These pills are not meant to be taken with other anti-ED drugs, including Levitra, Cialis, and Stendra. Here are some other medicines that you must stop using in order to avoid serious interactions:

  • Drugs used to treat hypertension.
  • Drugs used for the prostate issues treatment.
  • Antibacterials, including azithromycin, erythromycin, clarithromycin, telithromycin, and cethromycin.
  • Antifungal agents, including itraconazole, ketoconazole, erythromycin, and telithromycin.
  • HIV drugs and AIDS drugs, including amprenavir, atazanavir, indinavir, lopinavir, nelfinavir, ritonavir and saquinavir.

The above list is not 100% full, so you should do your own research and have a conversation with your druggist/physician, specifying all the products that you are currently taking. Other products that may interact with this one include OTC meds, vitamins, herbs and prescription tablets.

Food Interactions

Two of the most common questions that arise when it comes to this drug’s interaction with foods/drinks are related to alcohol and fatty foods – we will talk about them down below.

There’s a slight possibility of interaction with grapefruits/grapefruit juice. You should talk this over with your physician beforehand to avoid the undesirable impact. On average, this fruit can possibly delay the time it takes for the pill to work.

In general, it’s okay to ingest small doses of grapefruit juice/alcohol/high-fat foods. However, you should definitely be mindful of the possible negative impact. You are going to suffer from dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea and even fainting. We strongly suggest you stay on the safer side of things and avoid the aforementioned products altogether.

Silagra and Alcohol

You cannot take this drug with alcohol. It basically has the same issue as Viagra. Liquor has ethanol, it always disrupts the blood circulation. At first, you experience a high (normally), after an hour or so you experience a slow decline in libido.
The problem is that this medicine is meant to improve circulation and liquor hinders it. Generally, alcohol intake is never good for your sexual health. Even if you drink it in small doses, you should still not drink at all while taking this drug.

Silagra and Fatty Foods

By and large, fatty foods make this drug’s effects slower. It’s not the best idea to mix the two, because fatty foods mess with the effectiveness of a very potent medicine. Other than that, you should definitely lay off fatty foods because they lead to obesity, heart issues, atherosclerosis, hypertension – all risk factors for ED. Here’s a quick way for you to figure out which foods are okay to take with this drug. The food’s fat content should not be over 30%.

Miscellaneous Info

  • The chemical formula: C22H30N6O4S.
  • Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient of this drug.
  • Molecular weight is 474.578 g/mol.
  • This medicine is available in fifty-milligram pills and hundred-milligram pills.
  • It can be used to eradicate the erectile dysfunction completely.
  • Missed dose information: this drug is not intended to be taken as a regular medication, so nothing bad will happen if you miss a dose.
  • This drug should be kept at room temperature, in a place inaccessible to children and pets.
  • Make sure the place is also dry.
  • You should never operate heavy machinery while taking this drug. Some of the side-effects cause you to lose alertness and may lead to serious consequences.
  • You should also refrain from driving a car and/or doing any other activity that requires alertness.
  • Avoiding unhealthy foods and following the instructions provided by the manufacturer will help you prevent any and all potential issues/will help you cure your erectile dysfunction.
  • This drug is not intended for use by females. There is, however, some evidence suggesting that its effects may be beneficial to women.
  • Nursing mothers should never take this drug.

There are some differences between this drug and its brand-name version. Research shows that Silagra works better and is less prone to cause harmful side-effects.

Dale userpic

Works pretty well. I have tried some other medicines available on the market… to no avail. I was given a prescription for 100 mg dose (it wasn’t altered afterwards). I chose the generic version because I don’t like overpaying. I’ve read somewhere that this drug works even better than Viagra, because the Indian folks somehow managed to improve the formula or something. Back to the subject: I haven’t really encountered any adverse effects. Maybe rapid heartbeat once or twice. Nothing major.

Gordon userpic

I’m 35 and I was diagnosed with the dreaded ED a little more than a year ago. The first couple of drugs I tried were all hit and miss. My doctor suggested Silagra, eventually. At the time, I wanted to buy Viagra instead because buying a more well-known brand-name drug seemed like a good idea. He said that there’s no real difference, so I took his word for it. Now, I’m living a happy fulfilling life. My ED is no more. This drug gives me confidence I haven’t had for a long time. There are some drawbacks, but it’s all worth it.

Paul userpic

Underprivileged worker here… I was using Viagra and it worked like charm… It was too pricey for me however… Thank God someone suggested Silagra… It’s basically the same kinda thing, but it’s way less expensive… I’m not trying to start a class war here, but who the heck are these people who purchase expensive as all heck ED drugs? Do you not have a family to provide for? For the life of me, I can not understand these rich city folks. I think it’s silly. The drug is good, I’m mostly happy.

George userpic

In my experience, Silagra is the most effective anti-ED drug with weakest side-effects. Once you’re way past 60 any minor side-effect can be a huge pain in the ***. Even something as mild as back acne is going to be unpleasant. I’m not complaining, I’m just stating the facts. Other drugs had me feeling like a sack of ****, but Silagra is different. This one causes no side-effects at all. Maybe it’s just me. The drug also works very well. I’m happy again and so is my wife. It’s nice to feel like you’re young again.