Vegetarians and vegans

vegan food vs vegetarian food
Vegan vs vegetarian

Why do people become vegans and vegetarians?

Vegetarians and vegans aside, everyone loves meat. The meat industry is one of the world’s leading moneymakers. Humans love meat so much that it is now available everywhere and in any shape or form that you would like. It also comes ridiculously cheaper and cheaper every day. However many of us get constantly conscious with every bite we take off that burger. Did the animal that provided this meat suffer? Is it right that an animal had to die for me to enjoy this delicious food? In fact, what everyone would like is simply food that tastes exactly the same as meat without all the accompanying guilt.

  • Well, Lo and behold! Science has come up with just that. Actually the discovery has been made a few years ago but it is still quite an unknown one. Researchers in a Belgian lab have been working on a what is now called lab-grown or cultured meat. This miracle of science is made simply by growing cell samples into meat. The only issue is that putting this meat into a burger shoots its price up by about 330 thousand dollars.
  • Another thing that this new food is lacking right now is popularity. The belgian lab has conducted its own survey on 180 Belgians and found that only around 13% percent of them knew what lab grown meat actually is, the rest never even heard of such a thing. When they asked vegetarians about whether they would be willing to try it, they seemed to dislike the idea even more than non-vegetarians. In the next continent over, a similar survey conducted in the United States in 2014 showed that only 20 percent of Americans would consider giving lab-grown meat a try.

But the Belgians are still very optimistic about their invention, in fact they foresee that the cost of the meat can be progressively taken down through deeper research within the next 5 years. They also predict that the taste will be improved to resemble real meat even more. Such promises, if they are fulfilled could eventually lead to mass production of this meat replacement which we hope can take over the meat industry to rid us of the guilt that comes with our favorite guilty pleasure.